Meeting Minutes: May 23, 2013

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Don Beckman, Micheal Carroll, Paul Davison, Rick Gentil, Felicity Hilmer, Joe Johnston, Brian Lawrence, Mike Lusk, Matt McClellan, Mary Menkedick, Jon Philbrick, Marty Sweterlitsch, Tom Terveer, Mike Whaling

Jim Creps, Marty Griffith, Tim Gusler, Austin Hohlt, Dave Keenan, Francis Pompey, John Rush, Kyle Sharp

Call to Order:
Paul Davison called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

Joel MacCaughey led a prayer of blessing.

Mission Impact Moment:
Josh Pritchard shared a story related to the Y’s Corporate Challenge program. John, a corporate challenge team captain for Mettler Toledo, shared how because of the Y Corporate Challenge series his coworkers have deepened their relationships and have developed genuine friendships. John thanked Josh for his hard work and added that he was convinced that his team’s camaraderie is due in large part to the downtown Y.

April minutes were approved.

Committee Work:

  • Healthy Living Committee: Tom Terveer reported that the committee did meet in May to work on the worksite wellness scorecard: a presentation of offerings for businesses in the downtown area.
  • Youth Development Committee: Joel MacCaughey reported that the committee did not meet in May but continues to work on their plan to increase swim camp participation. They have two camps signed up for 2013 and are developing a relationship with the Old town East community Board.
  • Housing Committee: Joe Johnston reported that the committee did not meet in May. Joe reported that some Y representatives investigated a hydroponics food operation that might serve as a tenable option to replicate in the Y residential program.
  • Building and Grounds: John Philbrick reported the update for the committee. The air conditioning units for the racquetball area will be installed by month end; the rod iron fencing on the buildings exterior is being repainted; and the flower boxes outside were resoiled and replanted by a small group of residents. Jon commented on the responses of the 90 days survey noting that he has personally seen an improvement in the cleanliness of the facility.
  • Nominating Committee: Matt McLellan reported that the committee met this month and developed a board member orientation packet to educate and equip new board members. A board member web page listing resources and information will be created as a easy access tool for all board members.

Online Champion Campaign:
Rick reported that on the status of the campaign. Donations continue to be collected however the process still requires using the new years measuring standards and resources to achieve lasts years deadlines for donation benchmarks. About half of the board has reached their donation goal or are close. Rick announced the Champion Breakfast on Tuesday May 28th featuring keynote speaker OSU football coach Urban Meyer. Rick noted that the Downtown Branch has collected 53% of budget and 42% of the 2013 goal. Sue explained some of the strategies other branches use to raise money for the Y including a single special event hosted by the Ward YMCA which generated 90% of their fund raising goal for the year.

SEER Survey Assessment:
Sue Darby shared the SEER survey for all members who have joined in the last 90 days. The board broke into small groups to identify three areas that require improvement and three areas that are exemplary. The assessment will guide the work of the board for the fall of 2013. Improving the quality and level of group classes. Bright Spots include: convenience of location, sense of community, perception as a place that promotes healthy living; facility upkeep, variety of classes and an identifiable connection between the amenities and services the Y offers its mission, and friendly and helpful staff. Areas of improvement include: cleanliness and aesthetic of the facility, communicating the philanthropy of the Y and our social responsibility, program development for group exercise classes, orderliness of facility and the current offering of child watch hours.

Parking Lot Update:
Sue reported on the status of the agreement between the YMCA and the Marconi parking garage. The relationship has been strained by a number of factors. Currently the Y spends $2,300 per month to assure free parking after 3pm and the first 2 hours for $2.00 anytime before 3pm Monday through Friday. Compounding this problem is the fact that members have begun complaining about the condition of the garage itself. The owners of the garage have threatened to terminate the agreement and Sue is currently looking for alternative parking solutions for membership. Due to the severity of this problem Sue has involved metropolitan staff to assist in finding tenable parking solutions.

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NEXT BOARD MEETING: Thursday, August 22 2013 at noon
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