Friday Downtown YMCA Update: 10/18

Good Afternoon!

  • Bob Evans — The new Bob Evans Corporate Site officially opens Monday, October 21. We have our staff trained and ready! This ended up being a $80,000/year contract with a guaranteed 10% increase every year for 3 years.
  • September BudgetI’ve attached our one page budget report. Our major expenses this month was rebuilding a motor on our cooling tower ($1,500) and fixing some cables on our elevator ($3,200). Even with those hits we were able to stay on budget. We’re actually $4,200 less in expenses than what’s reflected — there were a couple of accounting errors that will be correctly reflected next month.
  • Columbus City Public School System — With our friends at Your Quest, we just submitted a RFP that reflects CCPS purchasing 7000 YMCA memberships to our facility. This could be a great opportunity if we were chosen.
  • Ridestrong November 9th Event — We have 55 riders! We’ve already raised $13,750 toward our Livestrong program. This will allow 28 cancer survivors the ability to go through our life changing program for free. Thank you to those who are riding and volunteering for that event!
  • Membership Update — As of this morning, we are at 53 memberships with 32 cancellations. Really great being so far ahead of the game.
  • Good Neighborhood Agreement Meetings — They are currently being held at LifeCare Alliance. So far, the neighborhood has received the new 300-bed unit very well. The shelter will be located in the West Edge business district on Van Buren Drive in Franklinton.

Looking forward to our Board Meeting on Thursday the 24th!

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