Friday Update: November 8, 2013

Friday Update
Good afternoon!

A big thank you goes out to our board members that helped the YMCA of the USA with accessing board needs in our association! Another huge thank you goes out to our board members that are volunteering for the Ridestrong event tomorrow!

To be honest, my week consisted mainly of working with the budget. Art, Amanda and I have spent many hours crunching, calculating and praying over this 2014 budget. Still has a little ways to go — but getting it done. My hat goes off to all of you that are accountants…

2014 Annual Giving Staff Campaign — So impressed with our staff! We had 77% give a meaningful gift. They blew the goal of $8,000 away by reaching over $12,000!

October Membership — 112 new members; 84 cancellations. This makes our net 38. Climbing a slow steep hill.

Columbus Sole — Our Resident running club has worked hard the last 8 weeks to train for their first race. The OSU 4-miler will be held on Sunday morning. They’re very excited.

Godman Guild — We collaborated with this youth focused organization to offer every Tuesday a place where teenage leaders that live in an “At Risk” community to come and enjoy some positive recreation.

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, December 5th at noon for our next Board Meeting.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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