Downtown YMCA Update: February 9th

Good Afternoon –

Fitness Challenges – We have 4 that we’re offering this year. Level Up started Feb. 1st. You don’t have to be a member to participate. Our goal is 55 and we are still sitting on 31. We have until Feb. 10th. So check it out – if it looks like something you would enjoy – sign up. Or send the link to your friends: Level Up

Team YMCA – We also just kicked off a tri training program. With swim clinics, organized runs and cycling venues, its a great way to condition for a triathlon. Here’s the link for more information.

90th Birthday Celebration (the bad news) – We were turned down for the $5000 Nationwide Sponsorship. Thanks to Joe and Amanda who spent a lot of time on this. Very disappointed it didn’t work out.

90th Birthday Celebration (the good news) – The alcohol license has been secured and Wall Street agreed to bar tend and provide the drinks. We also sent the invitations to the printer and have developed a webpage to handle all ticket sales (Rick you are off the hook).

Having said all that – there’s still much to do in just a few weeks. We can’t seem to secure a guest speaker that would be our hook. If you have any connections, please reach out.

Corporate Challenge – Play to Give is starting off strong. Shawn Gunnoe and Lisa Cline just completed another great event yesterday. Over 20 teams representing 15 companies participated in Billiards. Chemical Abstract Services stopped long enough for me to take a quick pic.

Columbus Sole – Doug and Susan, our newest board members, are getting ready to launch another running season with our men. If you are interested in volunteering: running coach, donating snacks/water, race day support – please contact Doug/Susan. Thank you Doug and Susan for providing this amazing opportunity for them.

Have a great week!

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