Downtown Y Update: February 16th

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Here’s a friendly reminder to respond to Paul’s request that he sent out on Friday. I believe together we can make our May 2nd event amazing.

$140,000 Grant from Nationwide – Wonderful news this week, we were awarded $140k from Nationwide to fix our elevators! It’s been 18 years since those boxes have been rejuvenated. The fire marshal has already claimed that our elevators are the most used in the city. To “elevate” the elevators to complete working order in will take $350k. The $140,000 will definitely help. We’ll fix one elevator at a time starting this summer. For 6-9 months, our 403 men will be down to one – that will be crazy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! – Amanda did a great job organizing a very special Valentine’s Day for our women in the overflow. As they came in Friday night, Amanda, with the help of some volunteers, greeted the women with hot soup and goodie bags complete with warm socks, hygiene items, homemade cards and brownies.

Your Name in Lights – The Board list on our YMCA website is updated. Thank you Rick for pointing that out. Downtown Board

Help needed Thursday Morning – If you have availability on Thursday morning the 20th (around 8:30am), I will be leading a group of young Y professionals on Intro to Volunteerism. I would love for you to come in for 5 minutes to discuss your Y story and why you volunteer. I promise you’ll be out by 8:45am.

February Membership Numbers Low – As of today we have 41 new members in February. We should be at 86. I believe the cold has a lot to do with the decrease activity. Joel and Christopher are personally calling all of our guests, Try the Y passes and Tour Walk Ins since the beginning of the year. Also, we’re taking our “corporate match offer” to businesses around our building. Our total new membership goal for February is 171. That’s 130 in 12 days… I do have a four phase contingency plan to decrease expenses in case our revenue doesn’t hit. If you are interested in seeing that, please let me know. I would love your input.

Next Board Meeting Thursday, Feb. 27th at noon

Thank you for all you do! Each day I’m reminded on how blessed I am to have such a supportive board.

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